Friday, March 4, 2016

Chapter Annual Filings

The Chapter Development office is available to assist chapters with the completion of their required annual filings.

The Chapter Updates were due October 1st.  If your Chapter or State Association has not yet submitted, please do so right away.  This is the only way we can keep the most current information about your Chapter on the HLAA website.  The Chapter Update form can be downloaded from the following link on the HLAA website:

Has your Chapter or State Association acquired an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS?  It is very important that your Chapter does so.  Why?

·         EIN's are required for entities wishing to be listed in the drop-down menu boxes for Walks for Hearing donations. 

·         EIN's are also required for Chapters and State Associations to be recognized as authentic HLAA Affiliates.

·         EIN's are required to complete your Chapter and State Association’s required annual filing with the IRS.

Here are some resources to assist your Chapter or State Association with acquiring its EIN

·         To learn more about EIN's, the following IRS Publication can be downloaded for free

·         To view a sample completed EIN Application please click on the following link

·         To download and complete an EIN Application form that you can then fax or snail mail to the IRS, please click on the following link

·         To complete the EIN application form online click on the following link .  Tip: print out a copy of the sample EIN and pencil in all the information for your chapter before you begin the online application to identify areas about which you have questions in advance.

More information about acquiring an EIN can be downloaded from the Prepare For and Request HLAA Chapter Recognition section on the following HLAA website page: 

Tax Season is fast approaching. 

Your Chapter's annual required filings for the tax year ended Dec 31, 2015 are due May 15th, if your Chapter operates on a calendar year.  The IRS will revoke your Chapter's EIN if annual filings are not submitted for three years in a row.  You do NOT want that to happen!  Smile.  Here is the information you need to know as a Chapter or State Association needs to know in order to file the IRS 990

While I am not qualified to give tax preparation advice, I am happy to answer any questions that fall within the scope of my authority.  Thank you for sharing your time and talents with HLAA.  You make the world a better place!
Valerie Stafford-Mallis

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