Sunday, January 3, 2016

Great News for the New Year!

Happy New Year Leaders and Chapter Members:

I am pleased to announce the new HLAA director of chapter development who officially starts on Monday, January 4. 

Join me in giving a big welcome to Valerie Stafford-Mallis. Valerie will be handling all-things chapters and brings a lot of experience and enthusiasm to her role. 

HLAA Chapters are the heart and soul of HLAA -- that's you! Valerie's professionalism and experience mixed with a lot of heart and soul will help HLAA Chapters thrive and continue to be meaningful in communities across the country. 

Read more about Valerie on the HLAA website

It's been a pleasure filling in for chapters while we were doing the search for a new director of chapter development. Thank you for sending in your chapter updates and all the work you are doing. I also want to thank the stalwarts in the HLAA national office -- Heather Callin and Gaelin Byrant -- who have been doing the bulk of the chapter work with your updates, Unified Membership Program paperwork, list use agreements and anything that involves the HLAA membership database. 

Please introduce yourselves to Valerie. Among many things, she will be working on the program for leaders at the HLAA Convention this June. 

Happy 2016! I am glad I could bring you this great news!
Barbara Kelley

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