Friday, November 27, 2015

What Day is This?

Happy Anniversary to HLAA!

It's November 27 and 36 years ago today on November 27, 1979, Rocky Stone founded our organization as Self Help for Hard of Hearing People. Rocky realized there were people who were "between two worlds" like himself -- not fully hearing but not deaf. He founded the organization we now call the Hearing Loss Association of America.

If it weren't for Rocky, we wouldn't know YOU -- our leaders and chapter members who work on behalf of people with hearing loss in local communities. Thank you.

In the Spirit of Rocky, Honor Someone with an Award Nomination

December 4  is the deadline to nominate someone for an award such as:
  • Spirit of HLAA Award
  • Outstanding Young Adult
  • Community Service Award
  • Alice Marie Stone Family Involvement Award
  • Marcia Dugan Advocacy Award
  • Parents Award
  • Outstanding HLAA Chapter on a Mission
  • Chapter/State Newsletter Award
...and many more awards
Check out the entire list of awards and nominate someone by December 4.

Award recipients will be honored at the HLAA Convention 2016 in Washington, D.C. 

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