Friday, November 6, 2015

This Week in Bethesda

Hi Chapter and State Leaders:

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Please share the news with your chapter members.

Items to Note this Week

Have We Heard from You Lately?
The national staff is on a search mission looking for HLAA Chapters. On November 5 an email went to chapters we have not heard from asking if they were still active.

Why is this important? We get hundreds of calls here at the national office from people looking for help and support locally. We always refer them to our chapters. If we don’t have updated information from you, we can’t do that with confidence that you still exist and will respond to them. Plus, we want to list you on so everyone can find you.

Chapters should fill out the Chapter Update form and email it to  If your chapter no longer meets just drop us a note and we will send you a chapter closing form.

If we do not hear back from chapters by December 1, 2015, we will remove them from the “Find a Chapter” section and mark the chapter or state association as inactive in our database. We are doing our best to ensure that we are able to truly serve people who are looking for peer support at the local level, so we have to know if you exist.

Call for Papers Deadline – December 4, 2015
If you are interested in presenting a workshop, please see the Call for Papers page. For all educational webinars, your proposal needs to be submitted on the Call for Papers site; only proposals for the State/Chapter Development Room are to be submitted using the Call for Papers form.

Honor HLAA’s finest by submitting an award nomination by December 4, 2015. Nominate a chapter, state organization or individual. All the information and applications are here on the HLAA website.

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