Friday, August 14, 2015

Strategic Partnership enhances chapter outreach program

Strategic partnerships enhance chapter outreach programs

Cheryl Nolte, the president of the HLAA Treasure Coast Chapter (Florida) announced the chapter is teaming up with their local Lions Club to field a lip reading program for the fall. The six week, twelve class program limited to 10 students, is $35 for nonmembers and $25 for either HLAA or Lions members. 

This program is another great example of how chapters can add to the appeal and overall value of HLAA membership by providing members with new benefits or perks. Every chapter should be promoting the Top 10 Reasons to join their chapter and if you do not have HLAA's suggested chapter flyer, contact me for a copy.

Partnering with a strong community organization is a very effective way to introduce their members

to HLAA, as well as to increase the promotion and awareness for outreach events. The Lions Club, an organization which supports hearing loss causes, has collaborated with and financially supported many HLAA chapters across the country.  If your chapter has not collaborated with the Lions, I would encourage you to check out what clubs are near you.  For openers, you should suggest meeting to update their officers and members on what the chapter offers the community, as they are usually looking for speakers for their frequent meetings.

To generate added awareness for the initiative, the Treasure Coast Chapter deftly posted the announcement on a local newspaper’s blog, a smart way to leverage any chapter news. See the full story.   

Public Relations Tip:  Google Alert is the easiest way to track any media reported HLAA or chapter news as well as developments in local hearing access. To set up a free tracking, click here.

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