Friday, April 10, 2015

The 990 --- It's So Easy, Even a Kid Can Do It!

We don't mean to minimize the process, but hopefully we got your attention with the headline.

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to file the chapter’s or state organization’s Year 2014 990-N (online only) by May 15, 2015. Failure to do so could result in removal from the 501(c)(3) eligibility. 

It is really very simple, easy and will take just a few minutes of your time. Here is the link:  Read the instructions which are very clear; you can also peruse the FAQs if you have questions.

It is strongly advised that a second person in the group has the ID and Password as a backup in the event of any unforeseen circumstance.

Here is some background information on why we have to file the 990.

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