Thursday, April 2, 2015

Attention Chapters: IRS Filing Due May 15

Chapter Filings Due: May 15, 2015

The IRS requires a chapter to file 2014 information return before May 15. Every HLAA is considered a separate entity by the IRS, even if your chapter is under the HLAA National Group Exemption. This means your chapter must file a return with your chapter’s own EIN. There are three ways to file, with either a 990, 990-E-Z or 990N. For many chapters, the 990N postcard process makes it very simple process to comply.  However, it is very important to file on time as failure to do can result in your chapter’s tax exempt status being revoked, which would negate the chapter’s ability to accept donations or WALK funds.

All the details are on the HLAA website by clicking on this link.

If you want to forward the link to your chapter treasurer to follow up on, you can cut and paste this link:

This requirement must be done annually on May 15, so make sure this important step in factor into your 2016 plans and calendar.

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