Monday, December 1, 2014

Who are your chapter's Super Heroes?

I am sure every chapter has local heroes who have made a difference for your members and the community. You might think about honoring them during your chapter's HLAA's 35th Anniversary activities! 

Do they deserve national recognition? HLAA Award applications close this Friday, Dec 5. Click here:

Hearing Loss Super Heroes have been getting national attention this year that is helping to build awareness for treatment and fight stigma. Here are the latest:

Blue Ear with hearing aid photo
Marvel Comics has introduced a new comic book series that featrues Blue Ear and Sapheara, two new Super Heroes. Blue Ear wears a super-sized hearing aid and Sapheara dons cochlear implants to enhance their super powers and dispel any indignity in wearing a hearing device.

Marvel Comics Front Cover with new Super Heroes

They are teaming up with Iron Man to clean up crime in New York City. 

Notice Sapheara's sweptback hair does NOT hide her CI. There's no stigma here, just proud to hear. 

Bravo, Marvel Comics! 

To learn more about the new Marvel action series called "Sound Effects", click here.

Derrick Coleman photo and quote
Earlier this year,  Derrick Coleman, a running back with the champion Seattle Seahawks, was introduced in Super Bowl ads wearing his hearing aids proudly as another Hearing Loss Super Hero. If you have not seen this incredible 60 second spot, click here.

We'd love to hear your stories about your chapter heros. Please also consider submitting them to HLAA Spotlight.

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