Friday, October 31, 2014

Do You Want a TWIB? How about an Award Nomination Form?

Do You Want a TWIB?
TWIB, as it is fondly called here at the HLAA national office, is officially a little Friday publication called This Week in Bethesda. It gives you a weekly snapshot of the happenings here at your national office.

It is in Word doc so you can cut and paste news into your newsletters. It is also in PDF format for passing along. Please go to the Leaders Listserve to obtain it or contact Ed Ogiba, director of chapters, for a copy. There is no way to attach it here to this blog, otherwise we would. There is also no subscription mechanism. 

Happy TWIB-ing!

Honor HLAA Finest with an Award -- Nominations Due December 5, 2014

Don't miss the chance to nominate an individual, chapter or state organization for an award. Check out the award descriptions and details and get the nominations forms. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

35th Anniversary Plans for Chapters Announced

We invite each chapter to join the 35th Anniversary Celebration starting this November

HLAA’s 35th Anniversary is this November and a committee of chapter and state leaders has created a wonderful plan to celebrate with activities we hope you will support for 13 consecutive months starting next month in November. For each month in the Anniversary Celebration Year you will find up to 5 or 6 suggested activities with the hope that your chapter can execute at least one of these. The goals are to promote the HLAA Mission and in that regard to promote what each chapter offers its members and community. 

Chapter anniversary activities for November honor our founder, Rocky Stone
The list of suggested 35h Anniversary activities for this November is below. We hope each chapter will consider executing one or more of these which includes introducing Rocky Stone to your membership, discussing one of his short articles from his book,  An Invisible Condition, considering a rap session or member discussion that was one of Rocky’s favorite support tools. 

November 2014 Theme: Rocky's Gift to the 48 Million

Rocky Stone photo
1.  Introduce Rocky Stone to the membership by summarizing his bio.  

2. Discuss an article from Rocky's Stone's book, An Invisible Condition.  

3. Have a member discussion on "How HLAA/SHHH has impacted my life."

4. Hold a Rap Session, one of Rocky's favorite support and educational vehicles.

5. Serve a Happy 35th Anniversary Cake.

6. Promote Free HLAA Memberships for Veterans- November 11 is Veteran's Day. For a Veterans Free Membership banner to add to all your communications, go to Logo File.

7. Take some smiling, group photos at your meeting and promote your chapter as a friendly, welcoming place on Facebook, in meeting flyers,  newsletters and all your communications.

By joining focus with HLAA and the other 160 plus chapters, each fully participating chapter should gain significant local awareness from the impact of the widespread national effort. Each chapter can start their program by downloading the 35th Anniversary logo,  which features the anniversary theme of “Celebrating 35 Years for 48 Million with hearing loss”. It is now available for all chapters and state organizations to use on all communications. as anniversaries draw greater attention and readership, so enhance chapter meeting flyers, newsletters and more with it. 

To download the logo, go to Logo File

To receive a 35th Year Plan outline, contact me.

You will receive more detailed directions for upcoming months in the coming weeks. Please contact me directly for any questions. 

Best wishes for a happy 35th, 

P.S. If your chapter is also celebrating a significant anniversary, please share the news of how the chapter celebrating with a a smiling group photo if possible so we can add it to our publicity on your behalf.