Thursday, August 14, 2014

All the News that Fits...Please Print!

Hi Friends, Leaders, Webmasters and Newsletter Editors,

Just a friendly reminder that you can find news for your communiques 24/7 in various places:

  • HLAA e-News. It's free and is chockfull of information to pass along. If you don't get it, sign up here. An issue was published yesterday (August 13). If you sign up now, you will receive it. 
  • This blog, of course. I posted this month's news here.
  • Lists. The news from HLAA national is posted on the Leaders List and the Newsletter Editor's List. If you aren't part of those Yahoo lists, email Judy Martin, Florida Chapter Coordinator (North), and she will send you an official invitation. The news is provided in a Word doc so you can cut and paste it into your newsletters.

This, Just In, from National
The HLAA Public Policy and Advocacy Agenda with its ten key goals and outcomes is now published. This is to guide for all of us -- chapters, states and national -- as we work as one organization to make hearing loss an issue of national (and local) concern. Spread the word, print it on your websites and in your newsletters, and talk about it at meetings. It's exciting! 

For More News at the National Legislative Level
Pull the latest news from the Advocacy News section on This is most up-to-date place to find this kind of important news.  

You all work hard getting the word out, no matter what medium you use. You live on deadlines, work late into the night and endure some stress, but you are providing news for folks who might not find it anywhere else. Thank you!

Have a great week!
Barbara Kelley
Deputy Executive Director
Editor-in-Chief, Hearing Loss Magazine

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