Thursday, July 31, 2014

The #1 Skill Every Person with Hearing Loss Needs to Develop

The most helpful lesson that a person with hearing loss can master is good listening and communication skills. These simple tools can increase one’s understanding of conversations significantly and no HLAA chapter leader can ever stress these invaluable guidelines often enough to their members and guests.

Now thanks to the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Serviceswho partnered with HLAA at the HLAA Convention in Austin, we have a very insightful and focused 19 minute video that provides a great demonstration and summary for communication strategies. I suggest featuring this video in your newsletter or showing it at your next leaders' session or an upcoming chapter meeting. I believe the video lends itself to a fabulous rap session where a chapter leader can moderate a discussion by stopping the video after each harrowing hearing experience in restaurant, with the receptionist and in the doctor examination to discuss "who has been there" and how to address it.

Gael Hannan is a
celebrated public speaker,
actor and prolific writer 
The video is called Lets Make It Clear and stars Gael Hannan in a dramatic role after her hilarious standup comedy act at the HLAA Convention Banquet which left so many of us in gales of uncontrollable laughter. You can access the video at: Lets Make It Clear.  A special thanks to Dan White of HLAA Fort WorthChapter for sharing the video.

In my experience, Communication Strategies have proven to be the MOST critical tool to help people with people with hearing loss improve their listening and restore communication abilities. Just as importantly, I have heard the family members, friends and co-workers of people with hearing loss say time and again, that learning these tools has made all the difference in their relationship.

Some chapters have had speakers present this topic presented from many different lifestyle angles and often have two or three different presentations of this topic every year as THE foundation to a very successful chapter-building education program. If your chapter is looking for a fresh approach on this subject, I welcome your invitation to discuss the various ways which I have witnessed how this topic can resonate.

Ed Ogiba
Director of Chapter Development
HLAA's 35th Anniversary celebration
starts in November 2014 and runs
until November 2015 with monthly events
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