Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Chapter Support Vehicles Announced

The HLAA Convention in Austin was a whirlwind of new and familiar, friendly faces, insightful learning, fresh ideas and a lot of fun events. I am grateful to all of you who reached out to welcome me and to connect. Whether you made it to Austin or not, I would invite every leader to schedule a phone talk so we can discuss your chapter or state association needs and how I can be of assistance. In addition, I wanted to make sure everyone knows about the three new HLAA support vehicles which were announced at the convention.

Chapter Leaders Training Session
Photo of team joining hands
This is a telephone meeting with me which can be done individually with a single chapter leader or in a group with all the leaders of one chapter. The goals are to address the major issues and the opportunities that the chapter is facing. I can set up a conference call for as many chapter leaders, committee heads and volunteers whom wish to attend. 

Chapter Meeting Presentation
Any invitation to address your membership is welcomed and one of my presentations, 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Hearing, covers the most helpful devices, programs and vehicles to improve one’s listening and communication skills.

I am happy to give this talk to any chapter in conjunction with a separate Chapter Leaders Meeting or a Chapter Building Workshop (see below) during the same visit to address the issues and opportunities that affect the chapter’s growth. 

Chapter Building Workshop
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This is a four to six hour workshop, usually on a Saturday, with the leadership of three or more chapters and the state coordinator. We will conduct a session custom designed to deliver the agenda that the chapter leaders provide beforehand. This is the most productive vehicle to grow attendance, membership and improve the overall performance of a chapter.

Please contact me for a flyer to outline how any of the above programs work in more detail. Better yet, schedule a chat on the phone so I can get to know you and we can discuss the best options to support your chapter or state role.

Best wishes,

Ed Ogiba  
HLAA Director of Chapter Development

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