Thursday, June 12, 2014

URGENT: Update Your Chapter or State Web Listing

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I urge you to check your chapter or state listing by clicking on this link for the Find a Chapter page of the HLAA website right now. You will find it does not contain all the information that was there last week as the section crashed and has been reinstated with the last contact person and email address provided.

We would encourage you to verify the information that is there and to add the following information:

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• Contact Information
Feel free to add a second person as a contact.
Note: Most information requests come from a spouse or family member of the hearing loss person who prefer the phone to email. Of course, people with hearing loss favor email contact. You should provide both a phone number and email address to reach the chapter and if you are not comfortable on the phone, we suggest adding a second reliable contact who is.

• Location of monthly meetings.
Building name, street address and city /state/zip.

• When monthly meetings take place . For example:
Every 2nd Wednesday of Month (No meetings June, July, August)

• How to submit changes/ additions
Please send back the entire listing with changes or additions as a finished entry  as it should  appear on the website. Send to Ed Ogiba

For example: If the current listing is as follows:

Sarasota Chapter 
JoAnne DeVries

Then the new additions should read as follows in this order:

Sarasota Chapter                                                                                  
Meets Every 2nd Wednesday @ 1:30 p.m.      
North Sarasota Library,
 2801 Newtown Blvd,  Sarasota FL 34230 
JoAnne DeVries   

Again, to check your state or chapter listing, click on this HLAA Find a Chapter link.

If you have questions, either email Ed Ogiba or phone 301.657.2248

P.S. With the Dear Abby story on HLAA appearing nationally on Monday, requests from newcomers for the nearest chapter are coming in at an unprecedented  rate. Please do not miss out and check your listing asap.

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