Monday, May 12, 2014

You're Part of the Three D Picture of HLAA

Last year the HLAA Board of Trustees, along with input from staff and HLAA leaders, developed a Statement of Strategic Intent.

In a nutshell, a strategic intent is a compelling statement about where an organization is going that succinctly conveys a sense of what that organization wants to achieve in the long term. Strategic intent answers the question: “What exactly are we trying to accomplish?”

The Three Ds

A strategic intent can provide a:
  • Sense of direction for the organization
  • Sense of discovery that it holds out to members as a promise to learn about other organizations and operate in the marketplace with best practices 
  • Sense of destiny that we have a worthwhile goal that can be embraced across the organization; i.e., the Board, staff, members, chapters and state organizations
I just read this document again this morning. It's a good thing to do to remind myself that all my tasks and thinking for HLAA and its members should go hand in hand with this document.

Chapter development is key in this strategic intent along with branding ourselves as one organization all working together. There is power and influence in a strong brand. There is crucial peer support and community awareness in chapters.

I could go on, but read it yourself and draw your own conclusions. Let this be your guide as you look ahead.

Barbara Kelley
Deputy Executive Director
Editor-in-Chief, Hearing Loss Magazine

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