Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear Abby to Run Letter About Hearing Loss and HLAA

We just got word from the Dear Abby staff that they will run a letter from HLAA Executive Director Anna Gilmore Hall about hearing loss and HLAA. 

Look for the syndicated column on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

How Did This Happen?
YOU! Many HLAA members wrote to Dear Abby a few months ago after she had a reader ask for help about hearing loss. With an overwhelming amount of letters from HLAA folks, they realized HLAA is the go-to organization for people with hearing loss. They chose Anna's letter to print.

What Does this Mean?
They told us it means a heightened interest in HLAA and hearing loss and we should expect that. We are gearing up for the calls and emails. We will refer people to HLAA Chapters so please get ready to answer calls and emails as well.

Our Hopes
We truly hope people find the help they need in HLAA and seek out chapters for a place they can go locally where it's okay not to hear well and get the support they need.

We'll let you know if we have any more news about this. Thanks for being there.

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