Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sarasota, Florida, Chapter and “The Giving Challenge”

Message from JoAnne DeVries
HLAA-Sarasota Chapter

We want you to know about a unique and exciting fundraising opportunity the Hearing Loss Association of America-Sarasota Chapter is participating in for the first time. It’s called The Giving Challenge. Even more, find out how your chapter might participate in your area.

What makes The Giving Challenge so different is that it is an online event lasting only 24 hours―from noon May 6 to noon May 7, 2014. While soliciting donations, we will also compete with other participating nonprofit organizations in the area for incentives and matching funds raised by several generous foundations in the Sarasota area.

With One Click, You Can Help!
One of the incentives we are competing for is to drive the most traffic to our profile, which explains our mission, accomplishments and plans for the future. The nonprofit that drives the most views will receive a $4,000 grant!

Please support us by visiting our profile anytime between noon May 6 to noon May7 by clicking here.

You can view our profile using any of your electronic devices (smartphone, computer, tablets). Each time you access the profile using a different device, it counts as one visit. That’s all you have to do!

How HLAA Sarasota Uses the Money

The monies raised through the Giving Challenge will allow the HLAA Sarasota Chapter to focus on several key objectives:

  • Feature more vendor displays and seminars at our annual Hearing Tech Expo;
  • Provide educational workshops and professional presentations during monthly meetings;
  • Increase the number of business locations in our community utilizing loop technology;
  • Expand our efforts to reach 135,000 local residents with hearing loss who are not receiving treatment or the assistance they need.
We hope we can count on your support, so we can continue to have a direct, positive impact on the lives of those with hearing loss.  

Would You Like to Be Part of “Give Local?”
The 2014 Giving Challenge aligns with a national "Give Local" giving day, during which more than 60 communities across the country are participating in online giving events. If your chapter is interested in participating in a challenge, HLAA-Sarasota would be more than happy to share our template. To see if there is a challenge in your area, click here

If you have any questions, you can reach me, JoAnne DeVries. 

Please like HLAA Sarasota Chapter Facebook page here.

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