Sunday, April 27, 2014

Photo Story: Last Week in Bethesda

Last week at your national HQ office in Bethesda was an exciting one. Why? There's a new kid in town -- Ed Ogiba, your new director of chapter development arrived. He is here to guide, support, and help you maneuver your way in your communities as you form and grow chapters. It's serious business but it's not without fun.

You can contact Ed Ogiba at Thanks for all the work you are doing of behalf of people with hearing loss. We are all in this together!

Have a great week,
Barbara Kelley
Deputy Executive Director
Editor-in-Chief, Hearing Loss Magazine

A picture says a thousand words:

This is the cherry blossom scene that welcomed Ed when he drove into Bethesda from Sarasota, Florida.
The Montgomery Country (MD) Chapter meeting on April 19 included the leaders of the DC Chapter. The featured speaker was HLAA member, Zac La Fratta, Au.D., who talked about ALDs. Here the group welcomes Ed who got a chance to meet with leaders of both chapters to discuss how HLAA can support their efforts.
The Baltimore Chapter had their meeting on April 24 where Ed was the featured speaker. Here he meets with the chapter's board members before the meeting. From left, Steve Wonell, Bob Leepa, Melissa O'Neil, Ed, Hal, Linda Webb, and Amy Bopp.
The staff at the national office love a party! Here they are celebrating Ronnie Adler's birthday. Not all staff and volunteers were present for the photo (Anna Gilmore Hall, executive director, was visiting the New York City Chapter that day), but those who were are pictured, from left, front: Susan (director of web technologies), Ronnie (director, Walk4Hearing), Heather (database/IT administrator).
Back: Barbara Miller (program assistant and receptionist), Nancy (HLAA Convention and director of marketing), Barbara Kelley, Ed, and Gaelin (membership database/program assistant)
Ed's tip for chapter development: "Use the knockout rendition of Tres Leches cake for your next chapter meeting. You can get the recipe from Barbara Kelley who made the cake."

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