Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Brave Chapter Throws Down the Gauntlet

HLAA Montgomery County, Maryland, Chapter
Issues a Challenge…for the Sixth Year!

The HLAA Montgomery County, Maryland Chapter is issuing a challenge to all HLAA Chapters and State Associations to help bring more people to the

HLAA Convention 2014 in Austin, Texas, June 26-29.

If you have been to an HLAA Convention, you know it is an event not to be missed. But there are people who really want to go,

but need financial support to get there.

For the sixth consecutive year, the HLAA-Montgomery County MD Chapter (HLAA-MC) is again issuing a challenge to chapters and state associations to send donations (in increments of $500) to the HLAA Chapter Challenge fund to help send as many people to Convention 2014 as possible. 

HLAA-Montgomery County (MD) Chapter originated the Challenge by giving $500 of their proceeds from the Washington DC Walk4Hearing to the convention scholarship fund. The idea caught on! We hope chapters and state associations with funds from the HLAA Walk4Hearing or other fundraisers will consider financing a scholarship.
People are Lining Up
HLAA has 17 applications awaiting scholarships. To date, HLAA has awarded seven scholarships from the following generous resources:
  • Rocky Stone Endowment Fund (1)
  • Bob Branigin Fund (3)
  • HLAA-Montgomery County Chapter (1)
  • Hearing Systems – Max McCarthy (1)
  • Phonak AC (1) 

We Need 10 More Scholarships 
Members remembering their first convention experience know this a life-changing experience. It is an opportunity to absorb information and education to live better with hearing loss, to grow personally and professionally, to socialize with other people with hearing loss, to experience cutting-edge technology, and to attend workshops accessible with CART and assistive listening systems. 
Let’s see what we can do to bring all these good folks to Convention 2014.
Each scholarship recipient will receive a full-activity registration package. Please take the challenge and let us know you accept by April 30, 2014. Checks should be sent to HLAA, Attn: Nancy Macklin, 7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 1200, Bethesda, MD 20814. If you have any questions about the scholarships, email Nancy Macklin.

Hope to see you in June!
Kind regards,
The Steering Committee
HLAA Montgomery County, Maryland, Chapter

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