Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"All the News that Fits We Print"

Hot off the Press: News from National for Editors and Webmasters

I know that finding news and meeting deadlines is ongoing and can be tough. But, it’s worth it. I always tell people that the first thing a forming chapter should do is publish a newsletter. It keeps people connected in between meetings and gives information they can act on locally. It helps HLAA Chapters become valuable to people who are looking for information and support. 

To make your job a little easier, I've created news you can cut and paste for your local and state newsletters, websites and/or to read at meetings. It might interest members to know that your work in the chapters and states has the backing of a national organization we are all part of.

We are all here for the same reasons -- to create awareness about hearing loss, reduce the stigma, and help people live well with their hearing loss.

You put in hours of sweat equity, so on behalf of Executive Director Anna Gilmore Hall, the HLAA Board of Trustees and people in the community where you live, THANK YOU!

I've posted the Word doc of news to cut and paste on both the Newsletter Editor's Listserve and the Leaders Listserve. If you would like me to email it directly to you, I am happy to. Just email me here with your request.

Thanks again! Hope you all meet your deadlines.
Barbara Kelley
Editor-in-Chief, Hearing Loss Magazine

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