Saturday, March 22, 2014

What does HLAA and Campbell's Soup Have in Common?

When I go to the store and want tomato soup, I automatically go to this brand with its classic red and white label. I don't even have to read the words, I know it's the Campbell's tomato soup I want.

That's what we all want for HLAA -- a recognizable brand. Whether its one of our chapters, a state association, or a national publication or public presentation, we want to all look the same.

Branding of our name and image is a priority from the HLAA Board of Trustees in their Statement of Strategic Intent. It makes good sense -- one brand, one image, one logo, one mission. There is strength in this approach when creating awareness about hearing loss or advocating on a state or national level. Plus, it shows we have our act together.

Take AARP, for example...
I remember when AARP was a national sponsor of the HLAA Walk4Hearing and we used their logo in our materials. They sent us branding guidelines that were about 40 pages long. And, we had to use our rulers; e.g., "must have at least 1/4" white space around the logo...." and more! But, it was all for good reason and no one knows that better than a successful company or a household name like AARP.

HLAA Branding Guidelines
All the new logos for chapters and states have been created and can be found here for download. Please refer to the HLAA Branding Guidelines here. (Note: they are in the Leader Support section of Even more, coming this fall we will have an online store for chapters with items with the chapter logo -- tablecloths, display items, small gifts and more.

Please follow the guidelines and use your new logos. We are all in this together. If you need some help or have questions, drop me line.

Thanks to everyone for all you do. Now please excuse me while I go heat up some soup!
Barbara Kelley


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