Friday, February 14, 2014

New York Upstate Coordinator Appointed

Susan L. Miller of the Rochester, New York, Chapter was appointed as the New York Upstate Chapter Coordinator on February 13, 2014. She joins Toni Iacolucci, New York Downstate Chapter Coordinator, to develop, strengthen and support our chapters in the large state of New York. 

What is an HLAA State Chapter Coordinator?
State Chapter Coordinators are ambassadors for the organization to HLAA Chapters in their states. They work closely with the national office to build and strengthen HLAA in cites and town across the country. Chapters are an important part of the whole organization. It's where peer support happens, and where advocacy projects work to make your communities more hearing friendly. HLAA Chapters are well-respected doers in communities across the country. 

Our goal here at the headquarters office is to provide state chapter coordinators with more resources and support to do your work. We are all one organization working together. It's a big job so the coordinators are often the "first line of defense" (as they say) for chapters to go for information and assistance. Chapter coordinators might not have all the answers at their fingertips but they know where to go to get them. 

To learn more about Chapter Coordinators, click here. 

Other Appointments
This is not breaking news, but it is recent enough that you might not know about it.

Don Senger was appointed the Northern California State Chapter Coordinator. He joins Nanci Linke-Ellis in her role as Southern California State Chapter Coordinator. Don was the first coordinator in California and he is "filling in" until another coordinator can be found for Northern California. He admits he can't travel around to chapters anymore due to a demanding schedule with his grandchildren, but he is top notch in his communications to chapter leaders in his region. We are happy to have him until another person surfaces who wants to do the job. 

As with all coordinators, the national office only appoints them with your input. You have the reach into communities and can spot potential people for this role. 

Karen Utter of Washington state is reprising her role as State Chapter Coordinator.

Thank You
We don't say it enough, but thank you to coordinators and people working in chapters. I would love to hear from chapter coordinators. Please drop me and note and let me know you are out there and if you have any concerns, news, or just to say hello. As you know, I am filling in for some of the chapter duties while we search for a national coordinator for chapters and states at the national office. Our goal is to provide everyone with more resources, more communication, and more appreciation moving forward. All ideas welcome here.

Warm regards,
Barbara Kelley
Deputy Executive Director
Editor-in-Chief, Hearing Loss Magazine

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