Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Convention 2010 Workshops A Success; Call for Convention 2011 Volunteers, Free Equipment

Chapter Workshops at Convention 2010 a Hit!
The results are in: the Workshops for current and potential chapter coordinators and leaders were a success. On average 25 or more people attended each session and participated in the discussion. “I expected to learn new things at the workshops and I was surprised that I had the opportunity to share my ideas with the group,” one coordinator commented. We are delighted that well more than the 50 attendees who registered as Chapter Delegates or State Leaders actually attended one workshop or more.

Participants posed intriguing questions to HLAA staff such as a request to clarify what companies local/state Walk4Hearing™ chairs can and should approach for sponsorship (they should be local or statewide companies and not national manufacturers); whether state associations and local chapters can collect monies for operating expenses and call such fees “dues” (they can); whether the dues-sharing arrangement with new chapters has proven successful (the HLAA Board of Trustees’ membership committee is still studying this); and whether chapter members must be national HLAA members. Staff is seeking answers for the remaining questions.

The theme for the workshops was set early in the day on June 17th when one leader opined, “Captions are the only thing that make our disability visible.” Participants encouraged one another to shift their focus to younger generations including twenty- and thirty-year-olds and parents with young children. Several chapters are using Facebook, Twitter, and/or MySpace to connect with younger generations, to ensure the longevity of their organizations. Another leader encouraged others to “set the bar high” for goals that will increase membership.

Thank you for those that attended. If you participated in any state or chapter workshop but did not fill out a program evaluation, please do so now by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

For those of you that were unable to come, we missed you! We are collecting the presentations and placing them on the Leaders Wiki. Please click here to view the files we have received to date. Others will follow, so check the site periodically.

Chapters Near Washington, D.C.: We Need Your Help for 2011 Convention
Whether or not your state association or local chapter is in the Washington, D.C. region, we need you! HLAA expects over 1,000 people to attend next year’s convention, so we need volunteers to help direct visitors to registration, workshops, exhibits, etc. and to fill myriad other roles such as distributing and collecting handouts and evaluation forms. If your organization is interested in helping, please contact Nancy Macklin, HLAA’s director of events and marketing, by phone at 301-657-2248, extension 106, or by email her by clicking here.

Consider Sponsoring a 2011 Convention Scholarship
As you begin planning meetings and fundraisers for the coming year, begin talking with your leaders and members about your chapter/state association providing a scholarship for someone to attend the 2011 Convention. Eight chapters/state associations sponsored scholarships to the 2010 Convention, and we know that there will be even more scholarships for 2011. The scholarship monies must come to the HLAA office directly in order for HLAA to recognize your organization at the awards breakfast. For more information, please contact HLAA’s Nancy Macklin, HLAA’s director of events and marketing, by phone at 301-657-2248, extension 106, or by email her by clicking here.

Free Equipment
HLAA staff recently received an offer too good to refuse. Scott Adler of Telephonics writes that he has three (3) large-button, amplifier-equipped telephone instruments and a Cap-Tel instrument. In addition he has an easy-to-install loop amplifier. He would like to make these available (donation) to an individual or organization that can use them rather than just dispose of them. All are in perfect working condition with instruction book available.

If you are interested for someone in your organization, please contact Scott Adler in Rockville, Maryland, by phone at 301-493-5173 or at email address telephonics@hotmail.com.