Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 15 Deadlines for IRS 990, HLAA Convention Delegate Registration

1. IRS Form 990 Due By May 15
2. Register NOW - Chapter Delegation Rate Extended to May15
3. Chapters and States Convention Schedule Set
4. Chapter Award Recipients Chosen
5. May/June Hearing Loss Magazine -- It Is All About YOU
6. Membership Brochures Are On Their Way to You
7. Post-Secondary Scholarship Information Request

1. IRS Form 990 Due By May 15

The New York Times, nonprofit blogs and many other sources have been reporting on a tax regulation that threatens to impact small nonprofits. Initially announced in 2006, the legislation requires all nonprofits to file 990 tax forms, and enforcement will begin this year if forms aren't filed by May 15. This regulation mostly impacts small nonprofits with budgets under $25,000 — they now must file a 990 form — previously they were not required to do so.

2007 federal legislation required most tax exempt organizations with annual revenues under $25,000 to begin filing a brief form of the IRS 990 annual return - known as the 990N or the "e-postcard'. Previously these groups had been exempted from annual filing requirements.

The law also provided that groups failing to begin filing within three years were subject to automatic revocation of their tax exempt status. The first three year deadline, for groups whose last fiscal year ended December 31, 2009, is May 15, 2010.

Compliance is relatively easy - the filing is done electronically and links to more information, an explanation of the requirement, the form itself, and frequently asked questions, are on the IRS website (www.irs.gov).

The information required is limited to eight items:
1. Employer identification number (EIN), also known as a Taxpayer
Identification Number (TIN)).
2. Tax year
3. Legal name and mailing address
4. Any other names the organization uses
5. Name and address of a principal officer
6. Web site address if the organization has one
7. Confirmation that the organization's annual gross receipts are normally
$25,000 or less
8. If applicable, a statement that the organization has terminated or is
terminating (going out of business)

2. Register NOW - Chapter Delegation Rate Extended to May 15

Due to the recent staff transitions at HLAA National, we have extended the Delegate Registration deadline to May 7. We pushed back the original deadline of May 1 to help get more designated chapter representatives to register. Don’t delay in making travel plans.

Each chapter decides whether they will be sending a delegate. One reduced fee registration per chapter is offered to send an officer to the convention. Please note that if a chapter officer/member registers for the convention at the early bird rate or the regular rate and then is chosen to be a delegate, please note we will not be making any adjustments or refunds if someone has registered and then is chosen as a delegate.

Some chapters are sending their president/leader at the association’s expense as a perk for the long hours that they contribute to the organization.

The registration cost for chapter delegates is $119. To access this special rate enter promotional code HLACD when asked during the online registration process. To register online click on the link below.

Registration does not include the banquet or special events. Those can be added as an extra. Select the "Special" Registration.

Come, join us. We would love to have you.

3. States and Chapters Convention 2010 Schedule Set

It’s finally here! The schedule of workshops is ambitious and we hope you can stay for all of it. Special events include a session by Michael Eury of the HLA – North Carolina in which he outlines presenting the new “Invisible No More” program developed by their chapter. Another guest speaker is Marcia Finisdore presenting an overview of a one-day or weekly-series workshop designed to educate the public and their loved ones about hearing loss. This year we have added a brainstorming session for Chapter newsletter editors. Also new this year is a text describing who the main invitees are for each time block. Seating for is others is limited, so come early if you plan to participate.
For the complete schedule go to http://www.hearingloss.org/convention/2010Convention/2010chapters.asp

4. Chapter and State Award Recipients Chosen

The judges have spoken! We are pleased to announce the names of people and organizations that will receive the awards at the upcoming convention in Milwaukee. The competition in many categories proved fierce; personally, I am glad that I did not have to choose from among the many, excellent candidates. In my mind, everyone that submitted an application is a winner: you are the ones that are committed to excellence in all you do.

2010 HLAA Chapter and State Award Recipients

Chapter Newsletter Award
HLAA Bucks County (PA), Debra Cannon, Editor

Chapter Website Award
HLAA - Diablo Valley Chapter (CA), Debbie Sharp, Editor

Chapter/State Advocacy Award
Bea Lyons (TN)
Stephen O. Frazier (NM)

Community Service Award
Debbie Sharp (CA)
Ann Thomas (CA)

Family Involvement Award
Danny Tubbs (CA)

Professional Advisor Support Award
Carol Clifford (NM)

Spirit of HLAA Award
Molly Corum (FL)
Raegene Castle (CA)

State Newsletter Award
Hearing Loss Association of Florida

State Organization Award

Hearing Loss Association of New Jersey

State Website Award

Hearing Loss Association of Georgia

The "Nancy Wessner" Outstanding State Chapter Coordinator Award
Ginny Clark-Wright, Arizona

5. May/June 2010 Hearing Loss Magazine -- It Is All About YOU

Have you read the latest edition of the magazine? From cover to cover, the content is all about YOU, our chapters. Starting with Brenda Battat’s column Our Grassroots Organization through o the article about Lois Johnson surviving Hurricane Ike and rising through the ranks of volunteer leadership first from the chapters, to profiles of HLA-NC’s Mary Eury and finally Debra Cannon of HLAA Bucks County, you, our chapters shine. We are proud to be affiliated with you.

6. Membership Brochures Are On Their Way to You

As promised in my last Blog posting, our office is sending 25 copies of the new HLAA membership brochure to each chapter. The first packets left the office today. Watch your mailbox for your chapter’s bundle coming soon.

7. Post-Secondary Scholarship Information Request

Does your chapter offer scholarships for students heading to college or technical schools? If so, please send the information about the scholarship(s) to Marcia Finisdore at babbaf@comcast.net. She would like to post this information on the parents' WIKI found at this same address. Thank you in advance for your input.