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Chapter News You Can Use - February 13, 2010

A Look Behind the Scenes

There are some Chapter members who are National members and stay abreast of news from and about what HLAA National is doing. There are other National members who do not really keep up with National activity. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who are local members only - and they don’t know or understand what HLAA is all about.

Please consider the unfairness of this situation. It leaves people with hearing loss in the dark! If these people were informed it’s fair to say they would be reaching out by sharing new information with their families, professionals, and other people they associate with.

Also, as you all know, a large part of National activity is advocacy related. Before we were founded, hard of hearing people were not recognized because we were not united. Over the years as we grew in numbers and joined special issue coalitions we became a force to be reckoned with.

And, over the years all hard of hearing people – members or not – are benefitting from amazing advances in hearing technology and telecommunications compatibility, and in laws that both protect us and enable us to stay in the mainstream of live. The list is long and impressive and it advances fast.

What is the point of all this? We urge all leaders to make National information and news a priority – first by taking at least five minutes at the beginning of meetings to share exciting news from the National front, and second to include National news and information in newsletters and on websites. This is only being fair to your members, to potential members and to HLAA National. Let’s let everyone have a look behind the scenes.

PS In addition to Hearing Loss Magazine, the HLAA Website is a prime source of current information that makes it easy to stay up to date. And now the e-News of January 26 announced a new resource in the form of staff blogs; the executive director’s news, a convention blog and a public policy and advocacy blog. And don’t overlook the Chapter and State development blog.

Consider too, livening up meetings and/or newsletters by sharing excerpts from the Collection of Memories about our Founder Rocky Stone or his book The Invisible Condition. These jewels are easy to find by clicking the blue box on the right side of the HLAA home page.


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