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Chapter News You Can Use - January 28, 2010

Please share this email with your chapter leaders and treasurers.
Please read the entire email before you email me with questions.

  • New Online Chapter Leaders Training- replaces Chapter chats

Did you miss Dr. Gene Bratt’s Webinar last week?

If you did, you can see and hear the replay. You will experience the web broadcast as if you were online when it happened.

Please visit this web page . You can download the transcript but more importantly see and hear the playback as if you were watching live. You will see that the entire event was captioned as well.

I am very excited about being able to have these types of broadcasts over the Internet for members but I am even more excited that I can use this method of communication to give support to Chapters. These broadcasts will replace Chapter chats from now on.

The first broadcast will be Monday, February 1, 2010
5pm Alaska || 6pm Pacific || 7pm Mountain || 8pm Central || 9pm Eastern

Session will be one hour.

I will be doing a presentation on Chapter nonprofit and financial matters and answering these frequently asked questions:

How does the Chapter establish nonprofit Federal tax exempt status?

What is an EIN (Tax ID number)?
How does the Chapter get an EIN?
Why it is important to have an EIN for the Chapter?

When somebody asks for your Chapter's Tax ID number what do you give them?

Why must every chapter have bylaws or chapter rules and regulations?

What is Group Exemption?
What chapters need Group Exemption?
Why it is Group Exemption important for Chapters?
Why your chapter needs this and how to get it?

What does the Chapter need to take to the bank to open a Chapter bank account?

Is your chapter obligated to the state?

These questions and more will be addresses during the webcast.

Who needs to attend this webcast?

Treasurers, officers and chapter leaders from
1. Chapters that do not have and EIN or have questions about the EIN.
2. Chapters that do not have bylaws or chapter rules and regulations
3. Chapters that do not have group exemption or do not have their own 501c3 status.
4. Chapters that need help getting their chapter paperwork in order.
5. Any chapter leader or officer that is confused about any issues on the agenda.
6. Any chapter who will participate in the Walk4hearing and needs group exemption.

After my presentation, I will open the floor and answer your questions. Bring your questions to the webcast.

The entire broadcast will be recorded and available for playback if you cannot make it to the session live. A transcript will also be available. The entire hour session will be captioned.

I will plan to have a session each month. Topics will include:

How to get volunteers to help with your chapter.
How to get new members
How to keep your chapter going.

Please send me your ideas and suggestions for future broadcasts.

Meeting Name: Leadership training
Summary: this room is used for leadership trainings
Invited By: Toni Barrient (
When: Monday 1 February
5pm Alaska || 6pm Pacific || 7pm Mountain || 8pm Central || 9pm Eastern

To join the meeting:

The doors to the training will open at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Plan to listen through your computer speakers and see me live on camera.

If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before:

Test your connection:

Get a quick overview:

Look forward to seeing you online Monday evening.

Toni Barrient

Director of Member Services and Chapter Development
Hearing Loss Association of America
7910 Woodmont Ave Ste 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814

Leadership support website (Wiki)

Chapter Development News

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