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Chapter News You Can Use - November 12, 2009

In this issue:

• Chapter Chat Scheduled Friday 13, 2009 - URGENT TOPIC

Friday night we have a scheduled Chapter Chat on the Calendar.

The topic is urgent and critical to many chapters.

The issue is one of chapters having nonprofit status. By nonprofit status I am referring to 501 © (3) nonprofit status. There is a lot of confusion about which chapters need to have nonprofit status and which chapters don’t.

Most all chapters that will receive money from a walk4hearing event should be under HLAA’s group exemption. The reason why this is a sudden critical issue is that we may have to withhold money from a chapter until they come in to compliance. This is something we really do not want to do. The desirable thing to do is to get chapters quickly under HLAA’s group exemption so they can receive their money.

There are two ways to obtain nonprofit status. I will discuss both methods and will focus on HLAA’s group exemption status and exactly what is needed to obtain this status. I will discuss step by step the process and it should not be difficult. All the information needed is on the Wiki but I realize many people find tax issues overwhelming.

I will discuss “what is an EIN, why it is needed and how to get it. Also did you know that an EIN is also a Tax ID number? There is much confusion among leaders about this. I hope to clear up this confusion.

Because of the misinformation, confusion and lack of knowledge Chapters have not looked into nonprofit status. It is my intention to demystify and simplify the process for everyone.

This information is important to all chapters even if your chapter did not participate in a walk this year. Every chapter needs to know all the options and the legalities concerning income to the chapter and tax liabilities.

Chapter officers, treasurers and chapter leaders should plan to attend this web chat event.

November 13, 2009

5:00 Alaska Time
6:00 pm Pacific Time
7:00 pm Mountain Time
8:00 pm Central Time
9:00 pm Eastern Time

Here is how to participate (no need to register):
1. Go to (5-10 minutes before web chat is scheduled)
2. Click on the "Log in to our Chat Room" button
3. Enter a username to use for the chat – Please use a real name and location so we know who you are.
4. Click on the "Connect" button
5. Click on “Rooms" button (found at the top of your right column)
6. Then double click on "Meeting room" to join the chat session.



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