Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chapter News you can use October 15, 2009

  • Update on the National Office renovations and computer crash
  • Chapter Chat Tonight
  • Chapter Delegate for Milwaukee Convention
  • Quick bytes

Update on the National Office renovations and computer crash

Dear Leaders,

The HLAA office is still struggling to get back to normal. The final touches are being made to the remodeling and soon we will be able to unpack our desks, files, pictures, bookcases and work tools.

We have ordered a new server and we have been told it will be 9 days to build then ship. Our website, the walk site, the message boards, chat rooms and Wiki websites are not part of the server outage. Those sites are up and running full steam.

Email has been restored to the entire staff and we have access to our data files. We will not have access to our member database or the accounting until the new server is in place.

We expect that date to be approximately October 30th.

Very truly yours,

Toni Barrient
Chapter Development

Chapter Chat Tonight

Chapter Development Chat in the HLAA Chat room tonight, Thursday 10/15/2009

5:00 pm Alaska Time
6:00 pm Pacific Time
7:00 pm Mountain Time
8:00 pm Central Time
9:00 pm Eastern Time

Our session will be one hour.

1. Chapter Delegate Program
2. Bring any questions you have to the chat.

Please invite any and all Chapter Members that you think would have an
interest in talking about chapters and chapter activities. The chat room has
undergone an upgrade since my last email so the instructions to get to the
chat room changed slightly. * Here is How to Participate (no need to

1. Go to (5-10 minutes before web chat is scheduled)
2. Click on the "Log in to our Chat Room" button
3. Enter a username to use for the chat
4. Click on the "Connect" button
5. Click on the "Rooms" tab (found on right column)
6. Then double click on "Meeting_room" to join the Chapter chat

Chapter Delegate program for the Milwaukee Convention

We will be offering the chapter delegate program again for the 2010 Milwaukee Convention. Please note new conditions apply.

It will be necessary for each chapter to decide that whether or not they will be sending a delegate and they need to make a delegate selection by December 31st 2009. This allows those officers who are not selected as the delegate to take advantage of the early bird registration rates

We will provide one reduced fee registration per chapter to send an officer to the convention. The delegate can register at this reduced fee up to May 1, 2010. If a chapter officer/member registers for the convention at the early bird rate or the regular rate and then is chosen to be a delegate, please note we will not be making any adjustments or refunds if somebody has registered and then is chosen as a delegate. This is why each chapter needs to make their selection before an officer registers at the going rates. If you have questions about this please join me tonight in the chat room and I will answer your questions. Please visit the leadership support Wiki and download the Q & A for the Chapter Delegate program for full details. Look in the National Convention section.

Quick bytes

Q. How do I order brochures and magazines for our chapter?
A. Go to the leadership support Wiki and go to the Brochures and Magazines section

Q. How do I get to the Leadership support Wiki?
A. Go to:

Q. Do I need to sign up?
A. You do not need to sign up to view and download files. You may wish to sign up if you would like to have access to the discussion board or if you would like to be automatically notified if a page gets updated. I.e. Chapter newsletters section. Just click the Notify Me tab and follow

Q. How do I get my chapter newsletter added to the State and Chapter
Newsletter section?
A. Send your newsletter to Toni Barrient at and it will be put up.

Q. I have noticed your photo section. How do I get my photos added to the photo section?
A. Send photos as attachments to Toni Barrient or if your photos are in an online photo album, send the link to Toni Barrient at