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Chapter News You Can Use July 4, 2009


* Convention come and gone.
* Convention 2009 Attendee Survey
* Summary some of the topics discussed.
* How to participate in a chapter chat

Dear Leaders and Chapter Delegates,

The Convention has now come and is over. Nashville was wonderful. The Gaylord Hotel was certainly expansive and over all it was a great convention. With the last minute registrations there were 66 Chapter Delegates that attended. Thank you to all Chapter Delegates for helping to make the chapter events successful! Hope you had a great time. Each workshop was filled to capacity. Because of your strong response to the Chapter Delegate program, we will continue offer this program.

In the Convention 2009 Attendee Survey many of you responded with comments such as:

* Separate track on Chapter Development and Chapter leadership skill building.
* More help for Chapter leaders.
* Actually doing a newsletter rather than talk about it.
* Chapter development - how to engage younger members. Might be interesting to have 'work
groups' at convention, attended by current chapter members & some of the young adults at
the convention.
* Workshop on ALDs for meetings.

We hear you! We will work to schedule more Chapter development workshops for the 2010 Milwaukee Convention.

For those who did not attend this year’s convention or missed a workshop, here is a summary some of the topics discussed.

The workshop on How to Start A Chapter provided the ABC’s of Chapter start-up from first meetings to choosing a meeting place, speakers, topics and outreach for members. A big thank you to Linda Fowler, Ohio and Barb Burton, Louisiana for leading outstanding workshop. Download their Power Point presentation here.

The Editor’s meeting was packed to a standing room only capacity. Barbra Kelley, the editor of Hearing Loss Magazine, contributed her expertise and offered the support of the National office to help the newsletter editors. Thank you to Steve Frazier, New Mexico for organizing and facilitating this successful meeting.

The Chapter development panel moderated by Julie Olson offered suggestions and ideas and demonstrated publicity, outreach and outreach tools, and how to work with a professional advisory committee. Outstanding presentations from Linda Fowler, Barb Burton, Steve Frazier, Julie Olsen and Sue Miller. Many thanks for the preparation and excellent execution. Feedback from attendees was all very positive. Download Steve’s Publicity presentation here. Download Steve’s Publicity Resources here.

The Delegates meeting covered topics such as the organization of HLAA from the Board Trustees to the National staff, State Chapter Coordinators, State Organizations, Chapters and members. We discussed what each does and how we work together. Also talked about was the evolution of Chapters and how they are changing. The tools available to leaders were shared and where to get help/advise from your peers, your State Chapter Coordinators and the National office. We spent some time discussing "How to Know if your Chapter Needs a Tune-up?" and steps to take to give your Chapter the tune-up. Download the Delegates Meeting presentation here. Download the Chapter Tune-up Support document here.

Attendees were asked if they would like to have monthly Chapter development chats in the HLAA chatroom. The feedback from the majority was "yes, we want that".

If you missed any workshops, you will have a chance to meet online and talk about issues of interest.

It is suggested that you log into the chat room to see if you can log in without problems. You can do this anytime. If you do have a problem, I can work with you to resolve any software issues you may have. Check in to the chat room days before the meeting and let me know if you have problems. Please do not wait until the day of the chat.

* Here is How to Participate (no need to register):

1. Go to (5-10 minutes before web chat is scheduled)
2. Click on the "Log in to our Chat Room" button
3. Enter a username to use for the chat
4. Click on the "Connect" button
5. Click on "Show Rooms" button (found at the top of your left column)
6. Then double click on "Meeting_room" to join the Chapter chat

The first opportunity to gather together will be Friday, July 17th, 2009.

5:00 pm Alaska Time
6:00 pm Pacific Time
7:00 pm Mountain Time
8:00 pm Central Time
9:00 pm Eastern Time

Our session will be one hour. It will be an open chat. Our first session will cover the topics presented at the Delegates meeting with opportunities for questions and answers along the way. I will be using the Delegate meeting power point presentation as an outline for topics to begin. You may wish to print or review the presentation before hand.

Anyone may attend the monthly chat sessions. Consider inviting all your Chapter members. You would be surprised at who might emerge as a possible leader once they begin to learn more about HLAA and

If anyone has any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to email me. I am looking forward to working with all of you to make the new season of Chapter meetings successful for all.


Toni Barrient | Director of Chapter Development
Hearing Loss Association of America
7910 Woodmont Ave Ste 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814
301-913-9413 FAX

Leadership support available 24/7

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