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Chapter News You Can Use September 29, 2008


* Report from National
* The national office needs to know
* Founder's Day Reminder
* Share the Chapter News

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Membership and Chapter Development
Hearing Loss Association of America

  • Report from National

Pete Fackler is the on the HLAA Board of Trustees. He recently summed up the reports he
has been getting from Brenda Battat and it appears in the New York State Association

I think it is important you have some ideas of what goes on and what we do at the national

Downloads of his column are available in PDF or Rich Text Format Document. Rich text
Format opens in Word or on a Mac Computer.

  • The National Office Needs to Know

When your chapter elects new officers please be sure to email me so that I can update the HLAA
website and get important information to the new leaders.

Please use the chapter update form to communicate the changes in your chapter.
Chapter Update Form

  • Founder’s Day Reminder – November 2008

Throughout the month of November, many chapters plan fun events to raise money and have a good time in celebration and recognition of our Founder, Rocky Stone, and the founding of SHHH now known as Hearing Loss Association of America.

Has your chapter made Founder's Day plans yet? Many newer chapters may not know and understand about Founder's day. I have copied below from the chapter manual, Page 114 a description of the celebration and its meaning to chapters.

Hearing Loss Association of America was incorporated November 29, 1979. In 1984, Hearing Loss Association of America established Founder's Day, the annual celebration of our birthday anniversary to be observed by chapters during the month of November. It is a time to commemorate our beginnings, look back on our truly extraordinary achievements and celebrate the privilege of being a part of this great organization. Founder's Day is a time of gratitude, a time we remember "all our Novembers."

It is also an opportunity to express appreciation in a practical way. It is the single annual occasion during which chapters are asked to raise funds to send to the Bethesda office to help support the Hearing Loss Association chapter development department. This department, unlike other departments of Hearing Loss Association, does not have an ongoing source of income. It is a major department, yet dependent on Hearing Loss Association for financial support for extensive programs, publications and activity to assist new and existing chapters.

Chapters are asked to celebrate with a project, special event, social celebration, or simply use
accumulated treasury funds. They are also asked to include family, friends, neighbors and others in the community. Early in the fall, the development department of Hearing Loss Association sends Founder's Day information to each chapter. While the amount to give is optional, and some organizations give very generously, a minimum of $10 per each local member would help provide a major portion of the chapter development annual budget. When planning for the year, each chapter will want to plan for time and attention to Founder's Day. Many chapters find having a Founder's Day committee helpful.

Read about our founder, Rocky Stone.

All Chapters with a contribution of $500 or more will be honored and recognized at the awards ceremony at the 2009 convention. For that reason, and to make it easy to credit your chapter, we request that you hold and send in your individual donation checks all at one time in one envelope once. Many chapters collect donation checks from attendees and they are sent in separately. It is near impossible to guess if a chapter gets credit and which chapter. So please hold all checks and submit at one time.

Thank you for your support to the chapter development efforts of the national office.

  • Share the Chapter News

Please share this chapter news with all of your officers and committee members.

Forward this issue to other chapter leaders.


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