Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chapter News You Can Use September 21, 2008


• New Calendar on HLAA website
• Help for Chapter Newsletters
• The national office needs to know
• Share the Chapter News

Dear Leaders,

By now, many of you have had your first meeting for the new season. Do you know how new people find your chapter? I hear all the time; I found the chapter on the Internet. Our website has your chapter listing. Is it up to-date? Is your own chapter website up to date with contact information that is accurate?

Does your listing include a phone number as well as an email address? Some people are very comfortable picking up the phone and calling while other prefer email. Consider having both on the HLAA website chapter listing as well as your own chapter website.

Additionally, look at your newsletters to be sure there is ample contact information for someone to reach a chapter contact before coming to their first meeting.

A proper and up-to-date chapter listing is #1 for good promotion. More about promoting your chapter in future issues.

Many have reported that attendance is up already. Wishing you great attendance, throughout the entire year.


Membership and Chapter Development
Hearing Loss Association of America

New Calendar on the HLAA Website

Take a look at the new calendar on Do you have a special occasion that you would like to see promoted on the calendar? Send me the particulars of your special event and I will put it up for you.

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Northshore Chapter, Chicago,IL, Albany Chapter, Albany, NY and Rochester Chapter in Rochester, New York.
HLAA Event Calendar

Help for Chapter Newsletters

Chapter newsletter editors get help with articles, ideas, design, formatting, and even distribution. Join the HLAA news editors yahoogroup. Don't keep this a secret. Tell your newsletter editor today. Steve Frazier, New Mexico and Judy Martin, Florida, are your dedicated moderators on this very helpful list serv. Sign up at the website.

The National Office Needs to Know

When your chapter elects new officers please be sure to email me so that I can update the HLAA website and get important information to the new leaders.

Please use the chapter update form to communicate the changes in your chapter.
Chapter Update Form

Share the Chapter News

Please share this chapter news with all of your officers and committee members.

Use the Forward email link below to share this issue with other chapter leaders.

They just need to sign up for the eNews and also check to receive the Chapter Development News.

This message has been sent to chapter leaders, state chapter coordinators, and state organizations as well as members of the leader’s list serv.

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