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Chapter News You Can Use May 25, 2009

  • 2009 Chapter and State Organization award recipients
  • Founder’s Day Recognition
  • Recognizing Retiring State Chapter Coordinators and State Organization Leaders
  • Welcome Incoming State Chapter Coordinators and State Organization Leaders
  • Plan ahead for next year’s chapter awards

Dear Leaders,

Each year the awards committee receives nominations from chapters and state organizations. This year’s committee has made the selections and all recipients have been notified.

Congratulations to all the individuals, chapter and state organizations who have been selected to receive awards at the Breakfast Awards Ceremony at the 2009 Nashville Convention. See the listing of chapter recipients below.


Toni Barrient | Director of Chapter Development
Hearing Loss Association of America
7910 Woodmont Ave Ste 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814
301-913-9413 FAX

  • 2009 chapter and state organization award recipients

The “Nancy Wessner” Outstanding
State Chapter Coordinator Award
Joe Gordon, Manhattan Chapter, NY

Spirit of HLAA
Steve Barber, Wake Chapter, NC
Linda Fowler, Southwest Ohio Chapter, OH
Myrna Kain, Snohomish County Chapter, WA
Margaret Latta, Wayne & Holmes County Chapter, OH
Vernice Meade, Oklahoma City Chapter, OK
Ellen Semel, Manhattan Chapter, NY
Juanita Wikman, Michigan State Office, MI

Carolyn Meyer, Philadelphia Chapter, PA
Judy Oliver, Twinsburg, OH
Lynn Rousseau, Gainesville Chapter, FL

Family Involvement
Eleanor Gibbons, Augusta Chapter, GA

Professional Advisor
Brian McKinnon, M.D. MBA, Augusta Chapter, GA

Chapter Website
Jonathan Brown, Webmaster
Southwest Connecticut Chapter, CT

Chapter Newsletter
Kathy Niemeyer, Editor
Pittsburgh Chapter, PA

Elizabeth Stump, Editor
Manhattan Chapter, NY

Ann Thomas and Debbie Sharp, Editors
Diablo Valley Chapter, CA

Honorable Mention
Elizabeth “Liz” Furber, Editor
Peninsula Chapter, CA

State Newsletter
Karen Keil, and Debbie Mohney, Editors
Colorado Newsletter, CO

Outreach Award
Diablo Valley Chapter, CA
Oklahoma Chapter

Education Award
Debbie Schaaf
Wayne & Holmes County Chapter, OH

Community Service Award
Kevin Chaba and Boy Scout Troop 31
Rochester Chapter, NY

  • Founder’s Day Recognition
Throughout the month of November, many chapters plan fun events to raise money and have a good time in celebration and recognition of our Founder, Rocky Stone, and the founding of SHHH now known as Hearing Loss Association of America.

This year we thank and recognize the following chapters for their contributions.

Rochester Chapter, NY $1,000
Diablo Valley Chapter, CA $ 600
San Antonio Chapter, $500
Shasta County Chapter, CA $ 500
Peninsula Chapter, CA $ 500
New Jersey State Assoc. $ 500
Oklahoma City Chapter, OK $ 500
Los Angeles Chapter, CA $ 500
Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter, CA $ 500
Lane County Chapter, OR $ 500
Central Ohio Chapter, OH $ 500
East Bay Chapter, CA $ 500

  • Recognizing Retiring State Chapter Coordinators and State Organization Leaders
This year we honor and recognize our retiring state leaders for their years of service to states, chapters and the community of people with hearing loss.

Retiring State Organizations Leaders

Co-president: Steve Barber, NC 2006 -2008
Co-president: Joan Black, NC 2006 -2008
President: Lona Jennings, WA 2007 -2008
President: Julie Olson, WI 2005 -2008
President: Karen Ratner, NY 2007–2009
President: Lynn Rousseau, FL 2006 – 2008
President: Cathy Sanders, OR 2006-2009

Retiring State Chapter Coordinators

Barbara Beard, PA 2005 – 2008
Cindy Campbell, OR 2006-2009
Joe Gordon, NY 1997-2009
Jeff Keyser, OK 2007 - 2008
Hermine Willey, OH 2000 – 2009

  • Welcome Incoming State Chapter Coordinators and State Organization Leaders
We will welcome these incoming state leaders and applaud their volunteer service.

Incoming State Organization Leaders

President: Penny Allen, WA 2008
President: Brenda Arndt, WI 2008
President, Mike Eury, NC 2008
President, Pam Foody, NY2009
President, Judy Martin, Florida 2008
President, Bob Russell, OR 2009

Incoming State Chapter Coordinators

Dale Long, PA 2008
Vernice Meade, OK 2009
Cathy Sanders, OR 2009
Debbie Schaaf, OH 2009
Bev Ziarko, WA 2009

  • Plan ahead for next year’s chapter awards
Next year your chapter or state organization can receive well deserved recognition. Plan now for next year’s awards. What projects is your chapter planning that will deserve recognition? Does your chapter or state have new website or newsletter editor to nominate? Remember somebody must nominate their chapter to be chosen. This year’s nomination instructions are still on the leadership support page. See the criteria needed for an award for each category.


This message has been sent to chapter leaders, state chapter coordinators, and state organizations as well as members of the leader’s list serv, the editor’s list serv, and the CNPC.

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