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  • Rocky Stone Remembrance

Dear Leaders,

November is a time to celebrate Founder's Day in remembrance of our founder Rocky Stone. The following special message is from the HLAA Rocky Stone Remembrance Committee. Please share it with all members. Thank you.


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  • Rocky Stone Remembrance - Founder’s Day – November 2008

Dear Chapter and State Leaders and Chapter Members,

Approximately one year ago, the national board of trustees appointed a committee to make
recommendations for preserving the memory of our founder, Rocky Stone. One of our projects has been to collect memories of Rocky from people who knew him, both from "up close" and from afar.

There are also members of the organization who learned of SHHH/HLAA after Rocky's retirement as the executive director and their knowledge of him has been learned through others or through reading about him or reading his book, The Invisible Condition.

Some of these people have indicated they want to be a part of this project as well. No matter how we knew Rocky, many of us feel our lives have been deeply touched by him. Rocky was a man of vision and purpose who had a profound concern for the condition of the heart and mind of every individual with hearing loss.

Collecting memories about Rocky is a project that began with the 2008 national convention and will continue through the 2009 convention. Because Rocky founded this organization in November of 1979, we honor him each year by celebrating November as Founder's Month. Many chapters raise funds to send to national in honor of Rocky.

We are asking that chapter leaders and members across the country take time this month to reflect on how your life has been impacted by this man and through the organization he started. Write your thoughts down and share them with our committee. Our hope is to be able to video or audio tape people, and we are searching for someone with the professional ability to do this. If anyone can help us with this we would be glad to hear from you.
To share your memories, here is what you can do...

1. Send written memories - paper or electronic to the committee. If sending memories
electronically, send them to Send written memories to RS_Memories,
2325 Heights Ave., Lansing, MI 48912.

2. Send high quality video or cassette recordings to the address above.

3. Include a high quality picture of yourself in high resolution JPG. Hard copy pictures can be
mailed to the address in # 1 above. These will be scanned and returned to the sender.

4. Keep written memories to one page and taped memories to 15-20 minutes in length.

5. Use the following guidelines for writing/recording your memories

a) Include your name and contact information.
b) Give a brief history of your membership and involvement in SHHH/HLAA.
c) Share your relationship with Rocky. Did you know him personally?
d) Share how your life has been touched or made better because of Rocky.
e) Share how you have used what you learned from Rocky, directly or indirectly, to benefit the lives of others or your community.
f) Share any special memories you have of Rocky - sentimental, inspirational, humorous, etc.
If you have pictures of Rocky you would like to share we would be happy to receive them.

Other accomplishments of this committee can be seen in the inclusion of a picture and quote of and by Rocky on the inside cover of the Hearing Loss Magazine and the increased visibility of his name on Walk4Hearing materials.

During the 2008 convention we offered printed stamps with Rocky's picture on them for donations of $100.00 or more to the HLAA Annual Fund or to the Rocky Stone Endowment Fund. Stamps may be made available again at the 2009 convention. We hope you will join us in making the collection of memories about Rocky a success. The final outcome of this project is still undecided but will be an accomplishment that can be shared with members throughout the U.S.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Rocky Stone Remembrance Committee Members: Deb Charlea-Baker, Jerry Hohnbaum, Joan
Kleinrock, Ann Liming, Vic Matzui and Tommie Wells.


This message has been sent to chapter leaders, state chapter coordinators, and state organizations as well as members of the leader’s list serv.

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